Flower Power Rules

  Flower Power
Spring Tournament Rules:
Each dog has a starting score of 150 points.
Dogs course time plus faults will be deducted from their starting score.
Individual scores are combined with team-mates for a total team score.
No toys, treats, or training aides allowed in the ring.
Dogs must run naked. *optional for handlers
      5 point faults:                                                              
        •missed down contact zone                                         
          •fly off (teeter)                                                           
          •knocked bar (top or bottom)
          •touching broad jump                                                             
          •refusal or run-out                                                               
     10 point fault:                                                                   
         •wrong course     
       20 point fault:
         •failure to perform 
          (omitting an obstacle)   
  • Dog potties on course
  • rough handling/cursing
  • training in the ring
  • outside assistance                                                                         
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*cute handlers may take advantage of this option