Not ready to trial or can't get to a Fun Match but you need some more practice time on equipment? Students of Paw Prints Agility classes can take part in our D.A.S.H. sessions for more training and experience.

D.A.S.H. is the name for our Dog Agility Saturday Happenings (Thanks to Ted Kalil for the pithy name! ;)

We try to hold D.A.S.H. most months of the year (with some months off depending on our busy schedules) and we set up a full nested course or teach a games class where students are able to run their dogs and practice their agility skills. Runs are $5 per dog for as many runs as we can get into the day. We allow and encourage the use of toys and treats during your runs to make sure your dog is having fun as well! Guests are invited to come out to the yard and cheer us on!

Please note that during D.A.S.H. all dogs in the agility yard must be confined except for the dog running the course. 

Please check the agility yard calendar for our next D.A.S.H!